Shawn’s Statement


First, I would like to state unequivocally that I did not commit these horrible murders nor did I have anything to do with the deaths Terrance Richard and Diamond Marteen in this case.  I admit to having seen and talked with them earlier in the day and evening when they came to my parents’ home looking for marijuana to purchase, but beyond that, I was not involved in their demise in any way.  

I am innocent for the following reasons:

I have alibis to account for my whereabouts at the time the young men were said to have been killed.  These alibi witnesses testified on my behalf at trial.  These alibi witnesses are Steve Brown, Donald Thompson, Robbie Burns, Debbie Mathews, Shannon Calkins, Harold Johnson and Judith Hogan (My Mother)

According to the trial testimony of the state’s key witness, Henry Brown, he claimed that he was hanging out at a mutual friend’s house (Tomica Washington) on that night from 8:30 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. and upon leaving her residence he stumbled on the alleged crime taking place.  He claimed that he witnessed me shoot Terrance Richard while Robbie Burns held him at gunpoint and threatened him if he said anything.  This is supposed to have occurred right outside of Tomica Washington’s house.

This claim of his was contradicted by Tomica Washington’s testimony in addition to the testimonies of Rhonda Calhoun (who was also at Tomica’s home) and  Tomica’s father,  Anthony Washington.   The truth of the matter is Henry Brown was at Tomica’s house earlier for about fifteen minutes around 8:00pm that evening while Tomica’s father and Rhonda Calhoun were present.  Tomica and Rhonda testified that Henry Brown asked them if they would drop him off someplace on their way to get gas.  They testified that after they dropped him off they never saw him again that night.  This occurred prior to the time of the deaths of the two young men as indicated by the coroner.   If Henry Brown was driven some place by Tomica and Rhonda, he could never have witnessed what he claimed at the time.  He was not even in the neighborhood where the crime is said to have taken place.

Furthermore, as testified to by another witness, Harold Johnson, Henry Brown was with him and some other friends later that night at a party.  These credible witnesses have absolutely contradicted his claims that he was witnessing a murder take place.  I, personally, at the time did not know about the fact that he was at Tomica’s house earlier and that they dropped him off in Lexington Heights (which is a considerable distance from where these horrible crimes occurred.) 

I can verify that he was, indeed, with Harold Johnson and a few other guys later that night, because when I was outside my parents’ home with my friend, Shannon Calkins, they drove past, stopped and talked to me briefly and Henry and I went to his house up the street in order for him to repay a debt owed to me as he stated that the money was at his house.  I left my friend Shannon at my parents’ house while I went to Henry Brown’s house which was only a couple of minutes from my parents’ home.  The point is, he lied about coming out of Tomica’s house and witnessing a murder taking place.

Henry Brown also testified  that he saw me shoot Terrance Richard with a chrome .25 caliber handgun with a white pearl handle.  He testified that he never owned a weapon.  Six months after my trial he committed an armed robbery in the parking lot of a pizza parlor, and the weapon he used was a chrome .25 caliber handgun, the exact same kind of weapon he claimed he saw me use on the night of the murders.  Keep in mind, the murder weapon prior to or during my trial was never found, however, six months later he is in possession of the same exact kind of gun he testified he saw me with.  He buried this gun after the armed robbery and then gave it to a mutual friend.  The friend contacted my parents and attorneys.  This gun was then turned over to my attorneys and finally turned over to the State.  A motion for a new trial was filed based on this evidence.

The state had the weapon tested by one of their experts who said the results were inconclusive.  One reason was because the gun was in bad shape after being buried by Henry Brown.  It was missing a striker (the part that is cocked before firing) and was also missing the magazine for the bullets in addition to the pearl handle being broken.  None of this had anything to do with the actual unique markings that every gun makes when the bullet is fired through the barrel but the results were still said to be inconclusive as to whether it was the actual murder weapon.  It was tested a second time years later with the same results. 

The fact of the matter is that Henry Brown, not I, was the person in possession of this gun.  Henry Brown lied at trial when he testified that he saw me using it to kill one of these young men.   To add to this, prior to trial an empty .25 caliber gun box was taken from my home by detectives via a search warrant.  The truth about this empty gun box is that the police had confiscated the actual weapon for this gun box approximately two years prior to the occurrence of these murders.  This was known to the prosecution but they chose to portray the empty gun box as having belonging to the actual murder weapon.

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4 Responses to Shawn’s Statement

  1. Latisha Hogan says:

    I believe in my brother’s innocence!! Free Shawn Hawkins

    • Troy Ross says:


      • boden says:

        Received your words and appreciate you taking the time to show your support. It’s always gratifying to receive the kind of support that I have over the years; which has never ceased some 20+ years later. You, yourself are a testament to this, thanks to your recent visit to the site. I wonder how you knew/heard about the site? Well, I wanted to personally thank you for your time and support. Welcome to the team!

  2. Troy Ross says:

    Your welcome ., I became good friends with David Heron at the time that’s how I met Shawn. I havn’t seen David in years. I hope everything works out for Shawn , no innocent person should do no time. I also signed the petition in support to his clemency from the death penety , I know what it’s like to be accused of something I know I didn’t do especially when the law gets involved. Shawn and his family have my blessing. Troy Ross

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