Simple pleasures

Blog Fam, What’s up out there everyone? How’s the New Year coming along so far? I know for some of you it’s going great, and for others not so great; it’s the nature of the game of life.

So far, so good this end. Wanted to just share with you real quick an experience I had the pleasure of having just recently. So okay, check this out. I was standing in the mail line waiting my turn for posting some out – the line was a bit long at the time. While running my mouth, one of the guys who resides in the same Unit as me came out of nowhere telling about having just seen this 1975 Chevy Caprice (American red with white convertible). Obviously this car had a really strong impact on him because he just wouldn’t stop about this car, and insisted I had to see, but not before he bragged about having the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat. The lil’fella is only 5’4ft tall and that’s on a good day, so naturally I had to assume you would only be able to see the top of his head if he was in the driver’s seat, and if he was into he backseat he would disappear altogether (laugh). Yes, I give him a hard time every chance I get (laugh).

So I’m intrigued about this car now, and seeing as though another mutual friend works in the automotive department which is located right next to the mailroom; lucky me 🙂 Since the line for the mailroom is so long, I’m spinning my wheels about getting in to see this gorgeous car described to me. Fortunately, the guy walks out from his department, and I’m like, Yessss! just the person I wanted to see 🙂 The lil’fella is still standing there going on and on about the car, so he sees it in my eyes that I have to get a look at this car that was being described to me. After a few minutes of him kickin it with someone he knew standing in the line, he takes me to see this car (I left my mailout stuff with a friend who is also standing in line).

As soon as I walk into the garage (that’s what it felt and smelled like), I was reminded of home; being in someone’s garage or one of those occasions having to take the car to get serviced. Very nice home-like memories of just being on the street. Then I see all the cars in there (five or six) like a real garage or repair shop would look like -also very clean and professional looking.

Keep in mind, it’s been almost 30 years since I’ve even been near a car, and here at this place, we’re super close to one of the main streets where cars are going up and down all the time. In fact, one of the roads is so close, you could actually have a conversation with people driving by (you can imagine what summer is like…OMG!). We always sit out there on the picnic benches watching them go by, etc etc, which is a treat for me, considering how long I’ve been away.

Anyway, as soon as I went into the garage area I spotted the red beauty, and it was almost as if it was calling my name (yeah, am being silly -laugh), so there I was alongside this gorgeous piece of automotive technology. Again, it had been a very very long time since I’ve had the simple pleasure of being even next to a vehicle, so naturally there was a flood of memories of what that was like – having a car of my own, the freedom of just jumping in and going to whatever destination it may have been, and all those sensual things that comes with that whole relationship a man has with his vehicle. So while I’m standing there next to it leaning over looking into the inside of it, I’m just having the best time remembering and feeling that feeling of what it used to be like.

And then there was that moment – one that I had hoped for but didn’t necessarily think would happen, even though my one dude told me he had been able to sit in the driver’s seat- when the guy told me to jump in. OMG! What! Jump in! A smile hit my face so fast it was unbelievable. He immediately started laughing at me because of my reaction. As excited as I was, I purposely savored the moment and took my time climbing in. And when I sat my butt on that seat, I practically melted away into it. It was the best feeling I’ve had in a long time. Talk about a slice of heaven. It probably could’ve been any car, but the fact that it was an old beauty was all the more satisfying. It had all the original fixtures and everything which made it all the more attractive. Even the smell of its interior was original, and only helped to enhance the fond memories of those simple pleasures of back in the day.

Sitting there, with a one of a kind smile -that only a sweet memory can invoke – I was trying out the radio, adjusting the mirrors, the seats, playing with the heater vials, pumping the brakes, the gas, you name it, I thought I was back on the road again. I even had my left hand hanging out the car window (for all you cool ones who ride with that lean – smile). And being silly as I am I even turned around as if the kids were in the backseat acting up to tell them to sit their butts down and buckle up them seatbelts (laugh). No, wasn’t having a crazy moment, just in the moment (laugh). And might I add, I looked damn good in that car, too. It was a pure moment, I must say. It made me feel closer to the realization of someday coming home. I’ve always felt this in the deepest parts of me, but this was almost like a furthering of that feeling. It’s coming, y’all 😉

Sadly, though, my moment, as quickly as it happened, was ended when my dude was telling me we had to go 😦 He was still laughing at me because of the reaction to all that I had seen. It was the best few minutes ever, though. I was smiling the whole rest of the day and even into the next thinking about my butt being in the driver’s seat of a car after all these years. Such a simple pleasure, as mentioned, but one that still lives inside of me. Am hoping next time he’ll let me start one of them up and press on the gas a little (laugh). The ’75 Caprice didn’t have the battery connected, but it might as well had been because you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t on the road in those few minutes doing my thing :-).

Yes, I’m still leaving, and these tiny moments that show up in my life keeps me hopeful of brighter days to come. Anyway, just wanted to share that with y’all. Am hoping your every day is filled with appreciation and gratitude – even when it’s difficult to muster for whatever reason – because life truly is precious. I know it doesn’t feel as such with the dirt and grime of everyday madness on it, but trust me, beneath it all, life is a beautiful thing, and I can only pray you’re getting out of it what you desire. Okay, continue in the New Year, and making the most of it. Will be back before ya know it. Till then….Peace and love to ya out there! -me



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This site is developed and maintained by the friends and family of Shawn Hawkins in order to publicise his case and win his freedom after more than 20 years in prison. He adds to it as often as he has news, roughly monthly.
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3 Responses to Simple pleasures

  1. Hilary Hughes says:

    And to think I just get into my little car without thinking about how blessed I am to be able to do that whenever I take the notion!! Big lesson there!! So glad you had that moment, Shawn!!

    • boden says:

      I think Shawn would like to see you sitting in that Caprice – if he was worried about seeing his buddy over the steering wheel, imagine the trouble you’d have 🙂 I’ve said we’ll all chip in to get one waiting for him to drive him home – some day soon!

  2. swithin says:

    That’s a great story, Shawn – it reminds me of when I was buying a motorbike about 15 years ago; someone told me that ‘you don’t choose the bike, the bike chooses you’. A lovely 600cc Honda Hornet chose me – lovely bike! After I retired in 2010, I hardly ever rode it, so I sold it… So tempted to get another one!

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