New Year’s Greetings

Happy New Years to you all out there. I know I’m more than a few days late with the sentiments, but this whole year is a new year, so technically it still holds to be true (laugh). So much for getting off to a good start, though.

I am hoping and praying, as always for positive things to come to fruition for us all in whatever way  this may come to be. For myself, no doubt, it would be in the form of something positive happening with my case. I am still very much hopeful, and am expecting a lot of good to unfold for me. I have recently heard about a couple of organizations that take and review cases, so my hope in this way has been renewed a bit more. Still waiting to hear from them, but it shouldn’t be too much longer. Needless to say, will keep you all informed as we go.

For the rest, health, love, friendship, and God all remains abundant, and I wish you all much abundance in all areas of life. As you all know, God is mighty in every single way, and there’s nothing that His hand doesn’t touch. Stay connected and proactive in your move forward, because blessings are plentiful along the way. I will continue to keep you all in prayer daily. And remember, life is short. Let me repeat…Life is short, so get the most out of it while possible (the big and small of it). I will do the same from where I am. Okay everybody, till next time, be good and enjoy this New Year we’re a part of. I have a feeling lots of good is coming 🙂 Stay blessed. -me

P.S. Just a thought; a reflective question of sorts. What improvements are necessary in your respective lives to make life better?


About boden

This site is developed and maintained by the friends and family of Shawn Hawkins in order to publicise his case and win his freedom after more than 20 years in prison. He adds to it as often as he has news, roughly monthly.
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