My First Marathon

Hello Friends/supporters of mine,

Sending you all my best out there for a great summer /experience. Am sure some of you have nice vacations planned, and some just going with the flow -either way, be safe and enjoy as much of it as possible. Will try doing the same on this end, challenging as that can be at times. I will be partaking in a marathon this coming weekend (25th), which consist of 13 miles (26 laps around a giant dusty track). I have been training for it for a couple of months, so am ready to take it on. It will be my very first marathon, so am looking forward to taking on the challenge. I have turned a hatred of running/jogging into something I genuinely enjoy doing now. I may very well continue in this physical endeavor after this marathon. For all you lovers of the run, which I’m sure is probably not a lot (laugh), I’m right along side of ya 🙂

Also, we have a Kairos event coming up next month, which I am excited about. I don’t get to see members of my family often, so it’s a treat to be able to spend some time together; it will be my sweet aunt and mom. Needless to say, we will say, we will have our share of fun 🙂 Will keep you all in prayer as well.

Would like to finish by sharing a quote/affirmation with you from a Daily Word booklet that my uncle has subscribed for me. It goes as follows:


‘I infuse laughter, dance, and song into my day.
It’s easy t get caught up in the seriousness of life, so I make a point of doing things that bring joy. I become a natural conduit of happiness for others when I remember that joy is my natural state of being.
Life is intended to be joyful. It’ s easy for me to focus on everyday tasks or the seriousness of worldly news, yet I am not here on this earth your somber. I am a messenger of joy, and the joy of Spirit is moving through me.
I feel free and light as i express joy without censor. Today I free myself t do things that bring me joy. As I express myself in these ways, I also become a conduit of joy for those around me. My joy is contagious! I give thanks to God for joy—this natural state of being? I commit to living in joy every day. ‘

Take care out there, all of you, and continue walking in your blessings. I will return 🙂 Enjoy! The Struggle continues!


About boden

This site is developed and maintained by the friends and family of Shawn Hawkins in order to publicise his case and win his freedom after more than 20 years in prison. He adds to it as often as he has news, roughly monthly.
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3 Responses to My First Marathon

  1. Anita Baxter says:

    I pray that the day will come soon that you are free from that place. Your courage is remarkable!
    My prayers will always be with you.
    However for now……I wish you luck with the marathon!

  2. Swithin Fry says:

    How did the marathon go?!

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