Springtime brings renewed hope

Hey Everybody,
It’s springtime for most of us again, and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the new season to unfold and bless us with the spirit of Spring renewal and fertility. Here in Ohio we had a relatively mild winter, so we can’t complain too much; not that complaining would do any good, considering Mother Nature will be what she will no matter what. Am hoping for a nice summer to follow a pleasant Springtime, as I will be out in the community garden again. For those who didn’t know, last year I qualified to work out in the community garden; a volunteer program that grows fruits and vegetables and donates tons of food to a few of the local food banks. Last year, I’m told, was one of our most productive years for the program, so we’re all happy about that. Nice to be a part of giving back and making a small difference for others in need. Anyway, in addition to being in the garden program, we get to have our own personal space for growing whatever we choose, which is needless to say, a wonderful thing. Fresh vegetables in a place like this is a rare treat, I can tell you. It’s only a handful of guys who are chosen to participate in this and enjoy the benefits, so I’m unquestionably grateful to be one of the people chosen. By the way, last year I grew peppers, onions, okra, tomatoes, basil, .and kale. This year I’ll probably do onions, peppers, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, tomatoes, more basil, and some spinach. I’m told the soil is pretty bad this year (depleted), but we’ll be out there anyway trying to make another big yield. As for all my fellow gardeners, I wish you a good harvest out there. If you like, post some pix for me of your best crop(s), so that I can see what you’re working with. Wish I could do the same. Last year we had a garden banquet and pix were taken, but I didn’t attend, so had no pix to share. Not sure if they’ll have one this year as a result of internal matters, but if we do I’ll be sure to get them up for you all to see.

Well, as a supplement to the Power of Peace Project that I participated in recently, we had a first-time basketball retreat this past Wednesday. It lasted the entire day, and let me tell you, I was worn out completely. I hadn’t played basketball for about a year and a half up to that point, and I foolishly thought I could just jump on the court and play as if I hadn’t missed a beat, well, it didn’t take long for me to be reminded of just how out of basketball shape I was in, because 3 or 4 times up and down the court had me ready to holler for a sub to come in. I was tired and rusty in bad way. Seeing as though there were only two of us who actually knew how to play ball, I had to play the entire game. Our team sucked big time ( but we had fun). Not that there were any top notch players on there either, we were all terrible.. Unfortunately I injured my left arm and foot, and was sore all over when I left up out of there. I have officially sworn off basketball now, I’m afraid (laugh). I will be enjoying this particular sport from the sidelines from here on out…just like the rest of y’all 🙂 March Madness has been pretty good this year, too, by the way. I played the brackets this year, for all those who know what that means, and while the right side is jacked up, I still have Kansas alive, so I may have some success if they can survive Villanova. At any rate, am still recovering from Wednesday, but I can tell you, I was (and still am) grateful that I was able to be out on that court playing ball still. Thought a lot about my guys who are all on the row, as I was reminding myself of how fortunate I am to be out of harm’s way. No doubt, it sucks to still be imprisoned facing what I am, especially wrongfully so, but I’m still alive and moving forward in the right direction. Am hoping someday soon my guys can be off the row and able to say the same. In the meantime, I will continue to think of and pray for them as I find my way home. By the way, am hoping to have some pix of this event for you all to checkout. Don’t be out laughing at ya boy either if y’all see me bent over with my hands on knees catching my breath, because that was probably the first game (laugh).

On that note, my friends, I will leave you to your day out there. Want you all to know that I continue to be grateful for all your support and prayers. It continues to be an uphill battle, my efforts to regain my freedom, but I persist. Faith, hope, love, and hard work will ultimately be what brings me home. Stay with me, friends, and watch what happens 🙂 Til next time, be well, and be blessed.

Determined & Favored,



About boden

This site is developed and maintained by the friends and family of Shawn Hawkins in order to publicise his case and win his freedom after more than 20 years in prison. He adds to it as often as he has news, roughly monthly.
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3 Responses to Springtime brings renewed hope

  1. boden says:

    Sad to say that just days after writing this post, looking forward to the new gardening season etc Shawn received the devastating, if possibly expected, news that Governor Kasich had denied his request to look anew at his Life Without Parole Sentence and give him a future chance at parole. So, he remains too innocent to execute, but not innocent enough to give a second chance to, which is absurd. Far better that he could be putting all his skills to good use earning money and paying his taxes instead of being a burden on Ohio’s taxes, but in the present political climate he was never going to get a hearing that took into consideration all that he has to offer after 27 years of incarceration for something he hasn’t done.
    Understandably, he was laid low immediately afterwards, knowing that he can’t apply for consideration for another 2 years and desperately needs the person with the key to unlocking his case to come forward. Nevertheless, within days upon hearing that one of his buddies still on the row was feeling down, he took the time and trouble to write to him and lift his spirits and remind him that he, and the others now at Marion CI that were once on the row are all still thinking of those they have left behind.
    What could you do in turn to lift Shawn’s spirits? Comments posted here are passed back to him to show him the level of support and interest from around the world, but letters to
    Shawn Hawkins A218401
    PO Box 57
    OH 43302
    would be gratefully received, as would http://www.jpay.com emails if you are familiar with that system.
    Make someone extraordinary’s day with a few words of kindness and encouragement, you’ll be glad you did.

  2. Maria says:

    Shawn, I hope you can keep your spirits up in spite of the setbacks you have
    had, and I wish you well and success in your work and freedom eventually,

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