Birthday reflections

My birthday photo 2015

My birthday photo 2015

Hey Blog World,

Another instalment from yours truly. I wanna start by asking you all to join me in sending out heartfelt condolences to a dear friend who has recently lost her husband, an amazing lifetime partner, who will surely be missed from here on out. I never had the good fortune of meeting Norman, which I regret immensely – comparable to the regret of never having the opportunity of meeting another amazing man of venerable age. His name was Adrian, who passed on earlier this year. I know for a fact that had I been able to meet these gentlemen we would’ve hit it off without doubt. But anyway, I would appreciate if you all would be of positive thought for Hilary and her family. I will certainly keep them in prayer, myself.

Yesterday we enjoyed another “Outside” Kairos event here at MCI. Incredibly it fell on my brithday, which was perfect, because it meant I was able to spend a few hours with two very special women in my life; my mom and Aunt Delores 🙂 Mom tried to get me to believe she wasn’t going to be able to come because of work, but she wasn’t very convincing as usual (laugh). In any case, we had a great time together, even with the event being shortened for whatever reason. As always, it was good to have them here with me on my birthday, rare as it is. Thankfully I managed to avoid being sung “Happy Birthday” to by my mom. You would have to hear her sing to know what I mean (laugh). Leave it to mom, though, she did try beforehand to call up here to the prison to get them to prepare birthday cupcakes for my day. Yeah, imagine that. Needless to say, not even a mother’s request could pull that off (thankfully). She did manage to recruit a couple other Kairos ladies to wish me a happy birthday; one of them even singing me a soft abbreviated version 🙂 Her son happened to share my birthday, which she was delighted about. That excitement aside, the food was really good; a Mexican dish with all the toppings. For dessert there was something called ‘dump’ cake. Really good stuff. I enjoyed two pieces, cake lover that I am. Everyone loved it, and you would have, too 🙂 Between me, mom, and Aunt Delores, we probably ate enough for all of you (laugh). I know my eyes and stomach felt about the same. By the way, we took a pic post meal, if you wonder why we are so squeezed together (laugh). As you can see, though, mom and Auntie came up here looking good 🙂 You cant see them in the pic (will get posted later), but you should’ve seen the skinny jeans mom had on – them things had her looking like she was fresh outta college. I had to make sure these guys kept their eyes in their heads 🙂 Anyway… Our next Kairos event will be in December. This is probably my favourite one because each of our guests get to bring us one homemade dessert of our choosing. Last year it was only my aunt Delores who came, and I had her bake me a delicious yellow cake with chocolate icing. This time, though, I’ll get to have mom and my aunt bring a dessert for me. Not sure what I’m wanting at this point, but I have to think of something good. I’m taking suggestions for those who might have some ideas(?).

Well, it’s been a year now that I’ve been waiting on a decision from the Governor regarding my clemency, so I am still in need of you sending your prayers and positive thoughts my way. With Gov. Kasich in the presidential race at the moment, it makes the clemency situation all the more uncertain. Lets remain hopeful, though.

This will be all for now. As always, wanna wish you all out there peace, happiness, and good health. Will continue doing my thing and staying positive. And remember, be blessed in the seemingly small things in life. Till next time…!


Have never thought to mention/suggest this, but I’m a pretty good portrait artist. I paint in oils and airbrush. If you would like to commission some artwork and support this starving artist, please get in touch. Send all request/questions to Cath, who oversees the site, or establish a Jpay email account on so that you can reach me directly. Prices, sizes, vary. Details can be worked out beforehand. I stand by my work, and guarantee satisfaction.


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This site is developed and maintained by the friends and family of Shawn Hawkins in order to publicise his case and win his freedom after more than 20 years in prison. He adds to it as often as he has news, roughly monthly.
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One Response to Birthday reflections

  1. Swithin Fry says:

    Hello Shawn – Thank you for your latest blog; your mother sounds a lovely woman – I love the story of her trying to bring you birthday cupcakes!

    I was interested too in what you were saying about being a good artist. Every month, I ask supporters of my penpal, Tim Coleman on Death Row in Ohio, to light a candle for him on the 25th – the 25th of each month. And it occurred to me that I’d like an illustration, like a logo, to go with my Facebook ‘25th Light a Candle for Tim’ reminder. Is this something you could do? I’d like a simple black-and-white illustration of a candle, or a flame…perhaps with a hand holding the candle or shielding the flame [though having drawn a few things myself, albeit a long time ago, I am aware that hands are particularly difficult!). It needs to be in black-and-white so that I can copy it easily.

    If you wanted to include your name, as artist, in the illustration that would be great; and also, if you wanted, when I ask ‘light a candle for Tim’ I can add, ‘light a candle for Tim and Shawn’ and add a link to your web site.

    Anyway, let me know what you think – and let me know approximately what a commission like this would cost.

    I send you love and blessings, Shawn – and may you hear soon have justice is being served for you – sincerely Swithin Fry

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