Hello Outside World

It’s me again, and I am happy to report that as of June 11 it will be 4 years now that I’ve been off death row and out of that darkest of spaces. It’s difficult to articulate just how incredibly blessed I feel to be able to see another day, to breathe another breath, to continue to love and be loved, to continue dreaming and moving forward. I can tell you, I have wasted no time taking advantage of this new lease on life.

My time in the valley has been an indescribable experience –one that has taught me a great deal, and has forever humbled me. In spite of the incessant struggles, deprivations, and challenges, I have learned that there is very little in this world that we can’t overcome. And more importantly, the valleys in our respective lives serve their purpose. The truth is, there can be no peaks (mountain tops) for us to stand on top of if there were no valleys. So as much as I have been through and endured (along with family & friends), I am grateful for my valleys. They have served me well in my journey upward. I haven’t quite made the trek to the top yet, but I will make it; I will persevere. That’s where the real clarity will be achieved.

To be sure, I could never have come this far on my own. Love, support, compassion and the like has carried me through. So once again, as four years is being marked, I would like to express my deepest heartfelt appreciation for you all – especially those closest to my heart – and invite you to help me celebrate this blessed day and the distance travelled. We still have a ways to go yet, but surely the successes thus far are worthy of acknowledgement. Raise your glasses with me and lets toast to the survivor in all of us. Faith, hope, and love shall continue to guide us to the top. Till next time, yall…!



About boden

This site is developed and maintained by the friends and family of Shawn Hawkins in order to publicise his case and win his freedom after more than 20 years in prison. He adds to it as often as he has news, roughly monthly.
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