Kairos 5th-8th June 2013


Just came off an amazing weekend of Kairos.  It was 3 ½ days of a much welcome escape from daily prison life here – for as much as that’s possible under the circumstances.  Not sure if all of you are familiar with what Kairos is so if not, in short it’s a Christian ministry that strives to serve anyone willing to experience the goodness of God’s grace: http://kpmifoundation.org/index.php.  Kairos stands for “God’s Special Time” and it truly is a special time for those of us who get to experience it.

I’ve wanted to be part of the Kairos experience for a couple of years now, since arriving here at Warren, but could never get nominated until recently – the process of being able to participate happens through anonymous nomination and trust me I was bugging everyone about possibly nominating me, even though I never knew who was doing the nominating.  In effect, I was just throwing my name out there and letting it be known I wanted to participate.  Sure enough, this time around I got wind of one of the people doing the nominating and convinced him to put my name on the list.

Initially, I wanted to be a part of it just for the food (smile) because guys are always talking about how good the food is (and incidentally, a lot of the guys nominated this time were saying the same) and how much of it they serve to you; and me being the foodie that I am, I couldn’t resist wanting to be part of it all.  Food aside, though, I had also heard good things about Kairos in general so it was definitely something I was looking forward to experiencing for myself at some point.

Well, I can personally say, it was a great 3 ½ days and much more than I had expected.  I met a lot of cool, older gentlemen who came in with what seemed like a lot of genuineness and goodness in their hearts, and while the age difference between us and the staff was considerable, these were some really cool and fun guys.  There are a few of them that stick out most as a result of having such big personalities, like Thomas McNamara (from my old stomping grounds – Mt Healthy) and a fella named Bob Elliott.  Wow! Super cool guys.  They both kept me laughing plenty.  The whole team was great though, their genuine spirit and attitude towards us is what makes it work.

By the way, I did eat my butt off and enjoyed every bit of it; at the same time, more than the pounds that I gained, I gained a further appreciation for fellowship.  I look forward to the continuing experience that follows from this.

Other News!!  I went up for my security review this week and by all accounts will be having my status lowered to Level 2, which represents ‘medium’ status; a considerable difference from ‘closed’ security and not to mention the depths of death row.  I feel like the phoenix rising from the fire to take life on anew.  This will certainly keep me moving in the right direction.  No doubt, it has been a long, difficult (and painful) journey over the years, but it has been one that has challenged and strengthened me every step of the way; and I still look forward to what each day will bring me.  I feel deep in my spirit that we are moving closer to me finally gaining the freedom long fought for.  All we have to do is continue to be persistent, hopeful and resilient.  I will certainly continue to do my part, and I pray that you, my supporters, will hang in there with me to complete this mission.  This is not my struggle alone, I have learned, and so I, without fail, rely on the support that comes from you.  I also know that I am not the only person in this world fighting for his freedom, or who has issues of a significant kind.  I pray for everyone who finds themselves in a position of suffering and struggle, no matter the form it manifests itself in.   My heart goes out to you, and I encourage the same level of support that I ask for myself.  If you’re able to provide such a measure of support, then by all means be about that goodness.  I believe we all should be in the business of being compassionate and showing service, because no question, we all have the capacity within.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed regarding this security review and the changes it will mean for me.  It will mark the opening of a new chapter in my life, and I’m looking forward to the new beginnings that are unfolding.  As always, many thanks to all those looking out for me; my earthly angels and beyond J  – will talk with you again soon, till then, stay safe out there and God bless.  


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This site is developed and maintained by the friends and family of Shawn Hawkins in order to publicise his case and win his freedom after more than 20 years in prison. He adds to it as often as he has news, roughly monthly.
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2 Responses to Kairos 5th-8th June 2013

  1. Anita L. Martin says:

    Shawn, I sincerely can not imagine what your life is like. I am glad to read that some things are going better for you. You will be in my prayers until you can be a FREE MAN! There seems to be
    a certain joy that we all have when our lives have a positive change. (no matter how little the change is). Oh! I think that you have a lot of talent. I have seen your drawings and day dream about having one framed on my wall. But I like to day dream at times. : ) Lastly, take care of yourself and may God watch over you. Be blessed.

    A. Baxter

  2. Willie A. Vance says:

    The Weekend is conducted in an institution by a team of volunteers of the same gender as the institution. The Team begins on Thursday evening and ends with a spirit-filled Closing on Sunday. It is only the “starting point” as the Participants are guided through the steps of understanding the Christian life. Each day of the 3½ days of the Weekend has a guiding purpose or focus. The activities for each day are designed to support that day’s purpose. As the day’s activities unfold, a building process is occurring. The Participants are led, step by step, through a growing understanding of the focus for that day, which is why Kairos is such a structured program. Every activity has a purpose that supports a higher purpose for the day, and every activity builds on prior activities. Everything has a place and an order.

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