How To Help

We are petitioning Governor Kasich in an effort to save Shawn from unjustly having to serve Life Without Parole for the murders, which he did not commit, of Terrance Richard and Diamond Marteen in Mt. Healthy, Ohio. We stand firmly on the belief that Shawn Hawkins is innocent of these crimes.  We implore anyone who is willing and able to support Shawn in his fight to be exonerated and freed to join his network of supporters in one or all of the following ways:

1. Email or phone Governor Kasich requesting a favourable clemency ruling for him based on the following:

Shawn Hawkins has currently served over 25 years in prison most of it on death row. The case against him was weak at best. It included testimony from a jail house snitch, testimony from a co- conspirator who is an admitted liar, a fingerprint that was tainted, and a robbery conviction with no evidence. As governor you graciously commuted Shawn’s death sentence. Shawn has used his time in GP to work, study, and improve his relationship with his loved ones and friends. Many people have offered him a place to live while others have offered him employment. Because we believe in his innocence, we ask you, most respectfully, to commute Shawn Hawkins’ sentence once again. It is our hope that he be released due to the lengthy sentence he has served.

Phone number: (614) 466-3555



2.   Contact Shawn if you hear of or know anything that may be pertinent to this case:

Shawn Hawkins A218401

PO Box 57


OH 43302


3.  Send donations in the form of checks or money orders for Shawn’s Legal Fund to:

PO Box 31322
OH 45231 

This fund cannot be accessed by Shawn directly but is to be used for his ongoing legal costs and investigative work.

4.  For Ohioan citizens, write or email your local politicians/Congressmen to make them aware of Shawn’s case.

5.  Become a follower of this site to get updates on Shawn’s case and further ways to help as things move on.

6. Visit and follow @Justice4Shawn on Twitter and share with all your friends and followers there.

Many thanks for any help.


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