Shawn Hawkins is Innocent

Pensive Shawn We, as a team, are dedicated and determined to continue fighting for the release and freedom of Shawn Hawkins, once and for all.  He has been unjustly incarcerated for over 20 years for a crime he did not commit and our ultimate goal is to bring him home, so that he may finally be able to enjoy the rest of his life as a free man amongst family and friends.

Shawn has been wrongly imprisoned for 23 years, with 21 of those years spent on death row in Ohio.

We, his family, friends and supporters feel he was unjustly convicted for the following reasons:

Shawn is INNOCENT of the crime for which he has been convicted.

NO INVOLVEMENT He had absolutely no involvement in the crime that he was charged with, and unjustly convicted of.

UNRELIABLE WITNESS The State’s key witness, a juvenile at the time, failed two polygraph tests, changed his story multiple times, lied about his alibi the night of the murders, and he later also implicated himself in the crime.

PARTIAL FINGERPRINT The only physical evidence was a questionable partial fingerprint found in the car with the victims.

INEFFECTIVE COUNSEL Counsel told Shawn that there was no way he could be convicted of these crimes.

POLICE INVESTIGATION The conduct of the police investigators was reprehensible. The agenda was on closing the case and not finding the actual killers of these two young men.

Although no longer on death row and at risk of execution, Shawn still faces the prospect of life in prison, without parole, for a crime he hasn’t committed.

This site seeks to publicise his cause and find a way to see justice served for an innocent man.

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8 Responses to Shawn Hawkins is Innocent

  1. Hilary Hughes says:

    I believe in the innocence of Shawn Hawkins and have written to Gov. Kasich.

  2. Ivette Abelman says:

    Gov. Kasich spared his life back in 2011, but, Shawn should be able to LIVE life.
    Free Shawn, he is innocent!

  3. Amanda says:

    Gov. Kasich spared his life back in 2011.
    Shawn should be able to LIVE life with Friends!!!!!!!!
    Free Shawn, he is innocent!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. michele dumas says:

    Free Shawn he served Enuf time. Let justice prevail!!!

  5. Angela says:

    Free Shawn and find the person who did this before they take another life… there is clearly no evidence against Shawn, so how is he guilty! Obviously he isn’t! Free him and let him live his life! *prayers, love & hugs 2 Shawn*

    • GOV. Kasich I ask you to truely consider allowing Shawn Hawkins to be a free man, and to embrace a second chance at life with family and friends.I truly would like to ask you to reconsider the sentence of Shawn Hawkins, my brother and uncle to so many nephews and nieces whom have not had the pleasure and opportunity to truly get to know the wonderful person he has grown to be. Our older generation are slowly passing away and parents are taking their place. He has truly spent time in a way no one should have to, for a crime he has been unjustly charge for. Half of his life is over, hopefully the second part can be spent with old and new family members. So I find myself asking the governor to truly consider clemency for life with a chance of parole. There truly had to be a reason for you to have granted him clemency for being removed from DEATH ROW, and we can’t thank you enough. You truly are a good man with great values in my opinion. Thank you so very much.

  6. I have not read enough about this case to know much about it. However,if there is ANY question, however, this man is on Death Row! Let’s look at this case again if there are questions. Is human life not worth taking the time to look into?

    • boden says:

      Thank you for your support Michelle – Shawn spent 22 years on Death Row, then won a unanimous 7-0 from the Clemency Board ahead of his execution date because of the questions that surround his case. However, the Governor has commuted his sentence to LWOP, which is a death sentence by another name, so there is still much to fight for.

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